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Jiwoong is live online casino gamesa manufacturer of electrical products specialised in earthing materials and lightning protection systems.

Jiwoong Electric, as live online casino gamesa manufacturer of electrical products such as, earthing & lightning protection systems, line hardwares for substation, distribution lines & transmission lines, has been actively engaged in this field. They are based in UK and South Korea with capability to export high quality products all over the world.

Ivory Power is the exclusive trading representative and dealer for Jiwoong Electric products in the United Arab Emirates.


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Range Products

Earthing Materials
  • Earth Bar & Earth Rods
  • Inspection Pits & Fixing Clips
  • Earthing Plates & Mats
  • Cable cleats & Electrical safety sign
  • Earth Bonds & Clamps
  • Compression Connectors
  • Earthing Conductors
Lightning Protection
  • Air Terminals
  • Junction & Copper Strand Connector
  • Square Clamp & Point Base
  • Tape Clip & Fixing Clips
  • High Voltage Pulse Lightning Conductors
  • Lightning Rod & Rod Bracket
Transmission Line Hardware
  • Live casino online freeSuspension String Hardware
  • Tension Clamp
  • Suspension Clamp
  • Square Clamp
  • Copper Strand Connector
  • Tension String Hardware

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