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High Voltage Cable Testing:

live casino onlineWe conduct HV and PD tests on XLPE cable systems to ensure that installation of cable systems (cables and accessories) is correctly done. The test system operates in a frequency range from 20 Hz to 300 Hz and complies with the requirements according to IEC 60840. The test system can be set up on-site within an hour without crane or similar equipment and carried out to prevent unexpected power outages and the saving of high revenue. The setup is capable of testing HV live casino onlinecable systems with rated voltage up to 400 kV.

High Voltage Gas Insulated Substation:

High Voltage and Partial Discharge Tests on GIS is carried out at site to ensure the healthiness of GIS and installations are done correctly. HV testing can be performed using AC voltage test system with variable frequency once installed on-site. The test system is capable of testing GIS up to 400 kV and complies with IEC 62271-203.

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